Jrod Twins

Good People: Jrod Twins – Jason and Justin Rodjanapanyakul

Good Thing: Music

Home Base: Seattle, WA

The Jrod Twins are fun and upbeat musicians who also happen to be some of the funniest guys we know. I met Justin during college, and immediately loved his optimism and happiness.

After saying hi to Justin on campus one day, he seemed a little confused. Later in class together, I asked him about the strange incident. He started laughing, and told me it must have been his twin, Jason. With this new information, we both ended up getting a laugh out of the situation, and I quickly learned how to tell them apart…

Since starting their Youtube and singing together, Justin and Jason have been finding new opportunities to share their style and music. Our interview with them in Santa Barbara, CA was a blast, talking about “twin beef”, music inspirations, and their future.

Be sure to stop by their website: youtube.com/Jrodtwins

Jrod Twins



We are excited to have had the chance to put together a video with our friends, the talented Jrod twins. Here are a few pics taken during the shoot. The video will be up in a few days, but in the meantime, check out their youtube channel.

~Arita and Aaron

Jenny and Jimbob

Good People: Jenny and Jimbob

Good Things: Handmade Jewelry

Location: Hollywood, CA

We are so grateful to have had the chance to interview the lovely couple behind Jenny and Jimbob Jewelry.

They are super talented jewelry designers who infuse their creations with a sense of humor and whimsy.

Located in the Noho Arts District, Jenny and Jimbob bring to life dance parties, runway shows, and comedy nights at their storefront jewelry shop.

Check out their website, or stop by to visit them… we know you’ll love what you find!

- Arita & Aaron

Franchise Animated

I don’t usually talk about the work I do as a freelance Motion Graphics artist, but today I found a really cool idea and had to share it.

The guys over at Animography teamed up with 110 animators to create an animated alphabet template, which is amazing, easy to use and free!

Visit Motionographer for the whole story and check out Animography’s website for the download and be sure to look at some of their other products.

- Aaron

Give ‘er the Slip


We’ve been having a little bit of a heat wave here in LA, and I’ve found myself wearing vintage slips as dresses.

The thing is, I love lingerie. Though some would say it is purely to be worn in private (My conservative upbringing ringing in my ears), I find ways to wear vintage lingerie beyond its usual confines of the bedroom.

As one might expect, I was a huge fan of the Louis Vuitton collection for Fall 2013. Every piece had such a moody elegance and the lace on the lingerie and details of fur seemed to paint a picture of a love affair. Probably doomed, but gorgeous.

Lately, my favorite piece to wear is a long bias cut gown from the 30′s. I’ve paired it with flat sandals and a cuff worn higher on the arm. No, it’s not outright sexy. Sensual? Definitely. Somehow it is perfect and comes off a bit vintage. But not too much. I don’t really want to look like a runaway extra from a period TV show… Well, maybe if it looked like this.

Any thoughts on wearing lingerie out and about? I can’t be the only one drooling over the 2013 LV collection…


Besame Red Velvet




As I previously confessed, I love red lipstick.

My absolute favorite that I’ve found so far is Besame’s Red Velvet.

The product is made here in the USA, and I love the story of Gabriella’s passion for detail.

This red is not shiny city on your lips, and the colour is rich and goes on easy. And the packaging? Irresistible. The shiny gold and red just screams old school glamour.

Be sure to check out her site or stop by the shop if you’re here in LA.

- Arita

Made in America



So… We have been trying to buy “Made in America” products.

At first it was simply a pursuit of quality over quantity, accompanied by the feel-good-feeling of buying something “Made in America.” But we quickly discovered the change in the whole purchasing process as well.

Instead of buying a shirt that is quickly wadded up and tossed into a plastic bag by an underpaid worker, we find ourselves chatting with people who tell us their unique stories and are visibly passionate about their products.

Inspired by these courageous and creative people, we’ll be interviewing our favorite shop owners and sharing them with you all. You’ll be able to see their creations, hear their stories, and get a peek at their process. We’re sure you’ll be inspired too!

Be sure to follow us if you haven’t already and stay tuned for some awesome posts!

- Arita and Aaron